European Media Systems Survey

European Media Systems Survey 2013

How to obtain the data

We make the EMSS 2013 data freely available in any work on condition of the proper acknowledgement of the source (see the How to cite section below). The study report can be downloaded from here while the data from below.

OPTION 1: Users who wish to undertake their own statistical analyses of the data can download from here the complete country- and media outlet-level data sets in SPSS and STATA format packed in a single zip file with study documentation. The SPSS and STATA data files provide the number of valid responses and their mean value and estimated population standard deviation for each question in each of the 34 national contexts. Users can obtain the standard error of the mean values by dividing the estimated population standard deviation of a variable by the square root of the number of valid responses. We provide separate data files about (A) the questions that asked the respondents to assess the entire national media system of a particular country; and (B) those that asked the respondents to assess particular media outlets like, say, BBC1 or The Sun. The study documentation includes the 2013 EMSS questionnaire and a methodological report.

OPTION 2: Tables about cross-national differences on individual variables can be downloaded here as an Excel file that contains country-by-country descriptive statistics (national mean, minimum, maximum, standard deviation) for all study variables.

How to cite

Users of the SPSS, STATA or Excel files downloadable from our website are kindly requested to identify their source as:

Marina Popescu with Bogdana Buzarnescu, Emese Czikora, Tania Gosselin, Adina Marincea, Jose Santana Pereira, and Gabor Toka. 2013. “European Media Systems Survey 2013.” Data set. Bucharest: Median Research Centre. URL: